The author

Guido Lenssen, born in Cologne in 1967.
Creative director, product manager, photographer and author of this book.

Guido Lenssen draws from 23 years experience in international advertising, during which time he has worked with passion, attention to detail and the desire for perfection. His great love is photography, capturing special, never-to-be-repeated moments. He is particularly fascinated by the bizarre, the morbid or slightly dilapidated, the mystical, and by the appearance of things for which there is no explanation.

The Way of St. James had caught Guido Lenssen’s attention long before he eventually set off to journey along its path. His longing to follow the path continued to grow. A desire for personal and professional change underpinned his decision to begin the journey to Santiago on 3rd July 2007. The Camino changed his life. With the images and thoughts captured in this book, the author wants to encourage all those who have long been planning this journey, but for whatever reason, or in most cases for whatever excuse, have not yet put the plan into action.

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